Motor Vehicle Audits

Yes, the Man counts cars, not that the everyday person would want to know this fact, but you never know who is lurking out there in internet land that may need to know this exciting information.  

Anyway if you have gone this far I might as well give you an explanation, every so often, I can't tell you when because its a secret, someone out there namely the Audit Man must go to a specified car yard and count the cars, this is what they call a floor plan audit.

Intriguing stuff hey, well a floor plan is all the cars sitting in a car yard that the finance company owns, you see this is a lot of money sitting there and the finance companies need to know their assets are still there.  This is where the Audit Man comes in and counts the cars left after all the sales, then he has to reconcile with the accounts manager to make sure they have paid for the cars they sold.

This is done at undisclosed times and locations it is a very important job and must be taken very seriously.  That is why Southwest Collections do them because they understand how important it is to get things right, by using the Audit Man.

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